What is EPPAS?

Tucking in with relish (or is that pickle?)
In one of the mustier corners of the University of Sheffield, the EARNSHAW PORK PIE APPRECIATION SOCIETY, for the past 15 years or so, has been beavering away. Fetchers go out once a year to seek out fine pies and their accompanying pickles; they return to tell tall tales of their discoveries at the Annual Meeting. It is a select gathering at which pies and pickles are judged, tales are told and prizes and certificates are awarded under the watchful eyes of the Adjudicator and the Chairman of the Rules Committee. The Society is a closely guarded secret and membership, which is by invitation only, is prized more highly than an honorary degree or an invitation to appear on Desert Island Discs. Any member revealing the arcane rituals which take place behind closed doors will be reported to the Rules Committee.